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With physical interactions reduced to the bare minimum in the current climate, there is an increasing need for businesses to present themselves digitally. Having the necessary skills and strategies in place is no longer just business critical; it’s become essential for business survival. Companies and organizations need to adapt and find new ways to represent themselves in an effective, appropriate and memorable manner.

Whether its handling a Skype press interview, participating in one of the many new digital events, or delivering challenging news to an internal audience, there are many ways we can support you to prepare for virtual appearances. From virtual media training for groups and individuals, to presentation training and rehearsals, our team of experts have the tools and experience to ensure your business and people are prepared.

Delivered either individually or in small groups of 2-3 executives, our virtual media training will prepare you to handle a virtual media interview using Skype, Zoom and other platforms. From tips on how to remain authentic and build a rapport with journalists, to understanding journalist’s roles and goals, to learning how to craft a good quote and story, our experts will equip you with the skills and know how to deliver interviews from your laptop or phone. We’ll film and playback practice interviews, providing clear and thorough feedback.

Presenting virtually can be a challenge for the most seasoned of presenters. Our expert trainers will help you deliver with authority and warmth through a computer screen. Via one-to-one or small group sessions we’ll provide guidance on visual aids to make your presentations as compelling as possible. We’ll show you how to craft the right messages, use the right tone and language, and design the right structure and flow to engage your audience. We’ll also cover breathing techniques to control your voice and delivery.

This training focused on how to understand the different parameters needed to ensure a successful virtual meeting, including selecting the right format, effective planning and timekeeping. Our expert trainers will cover how to understand your audience, including what their desired outcomes and expectations are. We’ll show you how to craft and land relevant messaging, understand the right communication style and how to successfully engage all participants on the call, including those who are less vocal.

Participating in virtual meetings can feel daunting from behind a screen. This training will equip more junior participants with the confidence to speak, how to challenge correctly, and how to frame an argument. For C-suite, we’ll focus on how to lead, have presence and make an impact, and how to engage all participants. Delivered via two 90-minute sessions, this training module is suitable for up to five participants for junior and manager participants, and up to three for C-suite. It can also be held one-to-one.

This training module focuses on understanding the principles of crisis management and the media in a crisis. Our expert trainers will cover techniques for reputation management, including reviewing areas of risk and discussing vulnerabilities. We’ll show you how to understand and prioritize your stakeholders, how to craft crisis statements, and share our essential dos and don’ts of communicating in a crisis.

Via four one-hour sessions, we’ll help your executives develop their own leadership style, learning how to command authority; even via a computer screen. Our expert trainers will show you how to acquire the right virtual business skills, including managing social media and crisis communications, and ow to write and deliver impactful speeches for virtual conferences. In addition to preparing for media engagement, we’ll share specific tips and techniques for delivering investor relations communications virtually with confidence and clarity

This suite of training modules is designed to help executives communicate with empathy in challenging times. The modules include Understanding Personality Types, defining the best way to communicate and inform and engage with those groups in a human way. We’ll also cover Empathy Training to help leaders recognize and relate to the emotions of others, develop the necessary interpersonal skills, control emotions and actively listen as well as develop a framework for responding in conflict. Compassionate Communications equips leaders with the understanding of what it means to be compassionate in a professional environment, understand the key elements of compassionate communication, demonstrate compassionate leadership and how to repurpose your business’s values/culture to focus on being compassionate at a time when the public sees this as being critical. Finally, Mental Wellbeing is critical for a successful and productive organization. This module helps leaders understand the signs that someone may be struggling mentally, techniques for looking after mental health and supporting others through uncertain times. 

Virtual Training works in conjunction with Knowledge+, our communications training academy that delivers accredited and bespoke coaching to communications professionals. Knowledge+ offers a wide range of courses which complement our Virtual Training offer, including Media Coaching and Crisis Management.


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