Most individuals go through a company introduction during their first week at work, but not all introductions leave us with a lasting impression. When I joined H+K’s Dubai office three years ago, there was one moment that sparked my aspirations to a whole new level: the Dave Robinson International Scholarship Program.

The Dave Robinson International Scholarship was a fully-funded three-month scholarship at any office within H+K’s global network; all I needed to do was submit a 90-second video pitch explaining how it could make a positive impact on me and my work.  My eyes were alight upon receiving the new information – this was not an opportunity to be missed.

The very purpose of the Dave Robinson International Scholarship Program is to allow our talent international experience, where they can grow professionally and personally. I have created international connections both inside H+K through training and development opportunities and outside of it through client work.

The scholarship is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened in my career – this program helped me find my true passion. I worked with huge multi-market teams in London, learning so much across the practices of technology, retail and behavioral science.

Creativity is the lifeline of our business. To create new ideas, we need to effectively brainstorm, together. At the London office, I got the opportunity to learn on how to facilitate creative brainstorms and make it fun using the H+K FEEDTM model – our ideation process.

I also got to discover behavioral science – a fascinating offering with H+K SMARTERTM. Learning and getting to work with H+K’s strong team of behavioral scientists was a great experience because mind science has always been a topic of interest for me.

Through the Dave Robinson Scholarship, I was able to learn more on all this and determine that behavioral science through communications is the career I want to further explore and chase.

My three milestone moments during the program were:

  1. Being part of the winning pitch team for Activision while serving as representative of the Middle East
  2. Discovering SMARTERTM and the H+K FeedTM model (Behavioral Science + Brain Storm techniques)
  3. Attempting to rub shoulders with English football legend, David James (he is so tall!)

Robinson Scholars

David James (right) and I on a street in London.

Culturally speaking, it has been a fantastic experience. Everything from exploring food markets to watching noted plays like The Ferry Man have all etched a lasting impression. Among all – the best has been the endless chatter about the Royal Wedding over a cup of tea and being educated about every single football drama. Living in London during the World Cup season certainly got me acquainted with all possible terms such as the ‘Hand of God’ to the ins-and-outs of the FA cup. But nothing will beat the excitement towards coming across every Brit chanting – #ItsComingHome.

The Dave Robinson Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity. This program has been a brilliant platform for me to unlearn, learn and relearn the game of communications.