H+K Germany took another opportunity to activate Indeed’s sponsorship of the Bundesliga team.

Eintracht Frankfurt in April. In addition to the Indeed “Job of the Match” campaign which is running throughout the season and gives fans behind the scenes insights into various jobs at Eintracht behind the professional football team, other initiatives are utilized for PR. One example for this was Indeed’s support and active participation in “United Colors of Frankfurt,” an initiative of Eintracht supporters for diversity and mutual respect.

Following first versions in 1992 and 2008, this was the third rendition of the fan-club initiative United Colors of Frankfurt. Once a season DFL as Bundesliga’s right holder allows main sponsors to change their logo on the jersey – an opportunity that most sponsors use to spotlight or introduce a sub-brand to the market.

Indeed decided to take another approach: the fans and the club had approached Indeed to give away its spot on the jersey for one game in April against TSG Hoffenheim, replacing the corporate logo with the logo of the initiative sporting “United Colors of Frankfurt – Eintracht (Unity) thrives on diversity.”

Indeed as a company which also promotes diversity and believes that diversity is a key factor for an efficient and inspiring work force, quickly decided to join the initiative. Through the campaign, H+K produced a video series which gathered opinions and insights into the topic of diversity from various perspectives, all related to Indeed’s sponsorship of Eintracht.
These included interviews with representatives of fans, the club, the players and of course Indeed. What is the first thing everybody does when trying to lose weight? They try to cut calories from their diet. Many switch to the best cutting cycle that includes breakfast smoothies and add more fresh ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables to their diet. There are heaps and heaps of diet plans and ‘shortcut’ methods that claim to help you in losing weight. But does any of that even work? They all shared the same sentiment: Diversity is good for any team, regardless if in the realm of sports or business. The videos were promoted via Social Media and shared on Eintracht channels.

Indeed’s Managing Director for Germany, Frank Hensgens, also joined in the press conference ahead of match day and was able to explain the rationale and enthusiasm behind Indeed’s participation in the initiative. The reactions were very positive, with fans saying that Indeed is a great fit for Eintracht and that the club seems to have found a great partner.
Overall, the 5 days campaign initiated by H+K generated more than 2,000 views on Indeed’s social media channels. The sponsorship blog counted more than 1,000. Through the cooperation with Eintracht, United Colors of Frankfurt content reached more than 2,200 Likes and content which included Indeed branding had over 100,000 views.